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Feeling Quite Fiesty

Take a look at this new and sexy outfit by NMD!!! I’m feeling a little Fiesty today!!!
This sexy get-along created by NMD reveals a little sexy skin in those sexy spots, sending off some sensual vibes.
This outfit is called ‘Fiesty’. It comes complete with everything you see in the picture (bra top or pasties if you want to show a little more without showing too much, stockings, these hot boots, dress, choker, two gloves options (with or without the fishnet), and this sexy lollipop.

This photo was taken at the lovely North San Andreas sim in the Luxury Residential section.



becky blog pic 1a_002

Hello my name is Becky. I will be your blog hostess as I share many of the fashion options and looks worn in Second Life (virtual world).
In this picture, I am wearing:

Hair: Mesh hair blonde hair by CaTwA

Yellow tiger print corset and collar with black leather pants are made by D&G.
Shoes: D&G Such A Lady Pumps in Lemonade
Check out the open belt!
This is one of my favorite outfits. It is very classy and chique, giving a llittle sex appeal.

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